Unique know how

Building on our strong heritage in artificial intelligence exploration, our primary concern
is the well being of small to medium size businesses.

Secure and cost-effective solution for an advanced online presence.

Our core values encapsulate

safety, security, responsibility. Creating easy-to-use,

and cost-effective products for our clients worldwide.

We take real pride and passion in delivering a product

that makes our customers lives easier.

We focus on being exceptional where it really matters - to the small

business owners, creating key points of difference and reasons

to actively choose Exai, as the best solution.

Keeping an eye on global technology progress, as well as

the well being of our individual clients, our dedicated team

facilitates exploration of trends, usages, and innovations

that shape the faces of the small businesses, as well as transform

them to a better version of themselves.  


After 4 years of working with artificial intelligence, EXAI was founded in 2012

to enhance the online presence of small businesses by providing A Website CMS that’s simple and flexible to use.

Websites can be created almost instantaneously,

from current Facebook pages or other user-owned resources.

These can be complemented by existing images or images from our gallery.

Existing websites that are not up-to-date can also convert to EXAI and make use of its efficient structure,

in order to make it easy for Google and other search engines to index and rank the website.

Websites on our platform are easy to update. Exai is using the built-in WYSIWYG Editor

and Drag-and-Drop convenience. No special design or programming expertise is required.

All of the EXAI’s websites are automatically optimized for mobile devices.

Exai distinguishes itself as an alternative to WordPress.

A solution that offers to businesses worldwide a secure, cost-effective and a solution for advanced online presence. 

EXAI was founded by Gal Moran, a businessman with a background in advanced mathematics and statistical analysis.

In 2012, EXAI, received $15 million in investment capital to develop the most advanced website conversion technology on the market. 

EXAI da la bienvenida a socios estratégicos dispuestos a participar en nuestro crecimiento.

Para obtener más detalles, seleccione el ícono de contacto, complete el formulario y nos comunicaremos con usted en las próximas 24 horas. 


Un equipo compacto que se compromete a transformar la forma en que las pequeñas empresas pueden acceder a la tecnología Do It Yourself. 

Gal Moran, CEO: EXAI fue fundada por Gal Moran, un empresario con experiencia en matemáticas avanzadas y análisis estadístico. 

En 2012, EXAI, que recibió $ 15 millones en capital de inversión para desarrollar la tecnología de conversión de sitios web más avanzada del mercado. 

Otros miembros del equipo de gestión incluyen:

Gal Moran, CEO 

Or Moran , Development Director

Jonathan Diamond, VP Sales and Marketing 

Tzvika Agassi, COO 

Eran Shatzman, VP Business Development 

Ethan Pogrebizsky, CTO